Pizza worker's viral slice stealing hack has customers worried

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A video recently went viral on TikTok which shows how a pizza can be cut where an entire slice can be removed from the middle of the pie without anyone noticing.
The footage appears to have been filmed at a pizza place, leading many commenters to worry that they’ve received partial pizzas without realizing it.
The video begins with somebody saying "nobody’s going to know." Somebody else responds, "They’re going to know." As the video continues, however, the original voice asks, "how would they know."
In the footage, a large cheese pizza is pulled out of a pizza oven and brought to the prep station.
The cook then pulls out a large pizza cutter and makes two diagonal cuts to the middle of the pizza. He then removes this center slice.
Then, he pushes the two oddly shaped halves together and proceeds to slice the pizza into eight slices.
The final product looks like a normal pizza that’s been cut into eight slices and isn’t missing a significant section.

Since it was uploaded, the video has been viewed over 30.8 million times.
While some commenters claimed that they would notice the oval shape of the pie, many suggested that they wouldn’t notice anything unusual about the pie. Many commenters wrote that after this, they would order their pizzas uncut from now on.


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