Rajasthan ki Mithai Desserts of India

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Rajasthan means royal tradition and culture and a robust cuisine to match. As much as the delicacies are spicy and full of masala, the desserts are equally sweet and sinful. Desi ghee is a must in Rajasthani desserts and adds that extra zing to them.
Speak of Rajasthani mithai, the first thing that flashes into you mind is Ghevar. This authentic sweet dish of Rajasthan is savored during festivities.
Doodhiya Kheench is a wheat porridge which is a popular Rajasthani dessert believed to have originated in Udaipur.
Dilkushar or Besan ki Chakki is delectable dessert which is also commonly known as Mohanthal.
Balushahi is a very common dessert in Rajasthan .
Mawa Kachori is a sweet kachori filled with aromatic mixture of mawa and loads of nuts which is dipped in sugar syrup and then served.
Churma Laddoo is made with atta and generally prepared during Vrats .
This has been a glimpse of my favorites desserts of Rajasthan. Go ahead and just grab your bite!
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