We Let Fate Decide Our Pizza Challenge! | 26,000 Calories | Twins vs Pizza

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Along side donuts and Ben & Jerry’s, pizza has consistently been one of our most frequently requested food challenges and the time has come for us to deliver on our promise to officially bring you a pizza challenge after y’all came through on getting the caramel overload video well over 2,000 likes! Seeing there are already so many similar pizza challenges flooding youtube, we decided to have a little extra fun with ours and leave it entirely up to chance as to what style of pizza we would be forced to do battle with. Whether it be local coal-fired pizza, Chicago deep dish, or even frozen pizza’s from the grocery store, we gave ourselves just one chance to reach into the bowl and the rest was up to fate.
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*We do not recommend or encourage anyone try eating the amount of food consumed in this video.

**We approach these as team challenges. All weight, macros and calories are totals unless otherwise stated in the video.

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- Farmer’s Market
- Four Cheese & Pesto
- Cheese & Tomato
- Cookie Sundae
- Ben & Jerry’s Whiskey Biz

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